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Pen Pals is a social messaging app that introduces you to new people around the world. It's a place where meaningful conversations happen and friendships are made. With Pen Pals, it's an easy way to connect with the world.
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Let’s make social fun again

On Pen Pals, you won’t find celebrities or “influencers” trying to sell you a fake lifestyle. We don’t care what you look like, how popular you are or where you came from. We're kind, open-minded and looking for other awesome people like you. We respect your privacy, don’t sell personal data and have built a system that rewards quality over quantity.

What makes us different

We’re re-inventing the social messaging experience by putting people first.
Meet new friends without sacrificing your privacy.
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We don’t ask for unnecessary personal information and we would never sell your personal data.
by Design
Built to reward kind, meaningful conversations & forge authentic, real friendships.
Protection Policy
Say goodbye to trolling, drama and spammers. We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who violates the Pen Pals Community Guidelines.

What other Pen Pals are saying

Jasmine profile photo for Pen Pals
"It's not easy for me to make friends so I thought I'd try it out. WOW. If I could only have one app on my phone, this would be it."
United States
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Mateo profile photo for Pen Pals
"At first, I thought I'd use it just to practice speaking other languages. One month and 33 friends later - I'm hooked."
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Ji Woo photo for Pen Pals
"I got tired of the drama on Facebook and the pressure on Instagram. Pen Pals actually makes me happier."
South Korea
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Ciara profile photo for Pen Pals
"This is the only social app I've used that seems to care about my privacy as much as I do. A must-have, people!"
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