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Protecting you is our #1 priority

Say goodbye to trolling, drama and spammers. We use A.I. and other tools to keep our platform safe & friendly.

It’s just one reason we have the best community on the planet and why Pen Pals is the best way to make new friends.
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Good vibes only

Pen Pals was built from the ground-up to be the safest and friendliest way to meet new people around the world. So, how do we do it?
receiving pen pals letters every day
Pen Pals Robofriend
We use robots
That's right. We use friendly robots (aka "A.I."), along with our anti-spam technology to block offensive content before it hits your Pen Pals mailbox.
user tools for community management
We give you tools
Abracadabra! We provide you with the tools you need to help keep Pen Pals safe and friendly. Magically block or report suspicious content with a single tap.
the pen pal user guide
We set guidelines
Pen Pals is goverened by kindness and mutual respect. How do we do it? Everyone on Pen Pals must follow the Community Guidelines. Yes, everyone.
peace love and happiness
We mean what we say
Any person found violating the Community Guidelines. is warned or banned permanently. It’s our zero-tolerance policy and just one more reason why Pen Pals is different from other social platforms.
protecting your privacy and data

Privacy by design

Meet new friends without sacrificing your privacy. We don’t ask for unnecessary personal information and we would never sell your personal data. We don't even ask for your email when you register. Pretty cool, right?

What else makes us different

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