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Earn rewards while making new friends

Collect Passport Stamps and unlock cool achievement stamps as your letters travel the globe. We reward kind people who have meaningful conversations.
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Make Friends. Earn Stamps.

On Pen Pals, you earn rewards by exchanging meaningful letters with new people. It’s an authentic way to cultivate an awesome community filled with friendly people.
netherlands pen pals rewards stamp
Fill up your passport
When you exchange letters from a new country, you’re awarded a country stamp in your Pen Pals passport. Each stamp includes a fun-fact about a country. How many stamps can you collect in your passport? Send and reply to letters to earn passport stamps.
netherlands pen pals rewards stamp
Unlock secret stamps
Get achievement rewards while you make new friends. While we don’t want to give away all the secrets to unlocking these stamps, here’s a hint: Sending out your first letter will unlock something...
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Privacy by design

Meet new friends without sacrificing your privacy. We don’t ask for unnecessary personal information and we would never sell your personal data. We don't even ask for your email when you register. Pretty cool, right?

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