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Social messaging reimagined.

We make it super easy to meet new people on Pen Pals. When you meet someone awesome, add them as friends to chat in real time. Anytime. Anywhere.
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Chat with Friends

Meet someone awesome? Add them as a friend to unlock private, real-time chat without leaving Pen Pals. Explore the world through your friend’s eyes and discover new thoughts, perspectives and cultures that can enhance your every day life.
Powered by trust
Chats are private and only available to people you accept as Friends. That means you're in control of making other people earn your trust before they can chat with you.
Invite your friends
Chat isn't just for people you've met in the app. Invite your real-life friends to chat in Pen Pals and unlock a few stamps along the way.
Learn how we keep Pen Pals safe & friendly.
protecting your privacy and data

Privacy by design

Meet new friends without sacrificing your privacy. We don’t ask for unnecessary personal information and we would never sell your personal data. We don't even ask for your email when you register. Pretty cool, right?

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